Executive Member Nominee Bios

Apr. 12, 2018

From our constitution...


  1. At least one month (30 days) prior to the AGM, the VP Administration shall publicize the Annual General Meeting, communicating the Order of Business as well as Executive Board Vacancies and inviting nominations for those positions.
  2. Nominations for new board members will not be accepted from the floor. Nominees, if not present at the meeting, must have previously provided written assurance to the VP Administration that they will stand for Office, this assurance must be submitted 1 week (7days) prior to the AGM. The assurance should include a brief bio that can be distributed to the members prior to the AGM for consideration.
  3. If candidacy is not declared in advance of the AGM, the vacant positions will be filled at a later bi-election so that the members will have time to consider the candidates that arise.
  4. Any elected officer holding two year term position may run for election to a new position midway through their term of office provided that they resign from their current position on the Executive. If they are not elected to the new position, the member may be nominated from the floor to stand for re-election to their former position or for any vacant position that they may be qualified to assume.
  5. The Nominating Committee Chairman shall appoint two (2) Scrutineers from the floor to conduct the Election of Officers.
  6. Election of Officers shall be conducted by Secret Ballot.
  7. Any member in good standing may run for the position of Director. Only members in good standing who have served at least one term as a Director may run for a Table Officer position with the exception of Treasurer, who could fill the position based on the skill set including a background in accounting, bookkeeping or financial management.
  8. Only members in good standing who have served at least one term in a Table Officer position may run for President.
  9. If no one with the qualifications indicated in subsections (g) or (h) is willing to stand for a given Table Officer position, then other nominations will be accepted for that position. These nominees will be required to prepare a brief bio, and will be voted on at a later bi-election.


Here are the Nominee’s Who Will Stand for Election to the Executive Board

Officers to Be Elected

Elections will be held for Six (6)  Officers - These are all for Two-Year Terms   Here are the Nominees:


  • President                                                     Harold Bloomenthal
  • Vice President- Administration                       Melissa de Meulles
  • Treasurer                                                     Terry Phelps
  • Registrar                                                      Laura Braidwood
  • Risk Manager                                                Ian Taylor
  • Gaming Director                                            Vacant


Directors to Be Elected 

Elections will be held for Six (6) Directors at Large for Two-Year Terms   Here are the Nominees:

  1. Chris Kueber
  2. John Turcotte
  3. Frank Bonnani
  4. Jarod White
  5. Shane Hughes
  6. Darren Jarvie



Melissa de Meulles

A large Minor Hockey Association is far from being a simple organization to run. Over the last 9 years, since my middle son made me a hockey mom, I have learned a lot regarding the complexities of our organization, as well as the regulations and requirements imposed by our governing bodies. 


My business management career provides valuable experience in skill sets that can readily be applied to the benefit of JDF - whether in the field of  administration, financial operations or risk management.  I like to approach any management challenge is a common sense fashion so that the everyone is focussed on running a stable and goal oriented team to achieve desired outcomes.


I have participated on the Executive level at JDF for the last 6 years, in the following roles:

- Ice Allocator 2012-2016

- Risk Manager 2017

- Tournament Director 2017-2018


I am confident that my professional skills combined with my previous JDF Executive work experience can provide me with a solid base to serve the membership as Vice President of Administration.


We have three children and two are hockey players at JDF. They are headed in to their second years of Bantam and PeeWee respectively. As an alumni of JDFMHA and having parents that volunteered here, I have a love for all things JDF and minor hockey.


Perhaps what gives me the greatest pleasure is to enhance the hockey experience of all children playing in our programs and supporting all parents and volunteers who gain their own special and valuable experiences through community sport.


I look forward to working with you and for your players as the VP of Administration at JDFMHA. 


Thank you for your consideration.

Melissa de Meulles


Jarod White

The experience I have gained coaching Baseball, Football and Soccer. has greatly influenced my approach as an Executive Board Member for JDF and a local Baseball association. My past roles have included; Divisional Director (3Years Baseball, 1 year JDFMHA), Director of Player Development U10( 3 Years) and Conflict Resolutions Officer( 1 Year). I have a Human Resources Background and try to utilize my experiences from my professional career when interacting and communicating in my volunteer roles. I was elected to the JDFMHA board in a bi-election late 2017. This was my first year as an executive member with JDFMHA, other experiences with JDFMHA include; fundraising coordinator for my sons teams, helped organise the 2015 Novice Jamboree and a member of the JDFMHA Awards committee in 2016/17 and 2017/18.


My role as the assistant divisional manager for the Initiation and Novice divisions was a rewarding experience. I take great pride and joy helping the youth of our community be a part of sport and have the best experience possible. I hope to build on all that I have learned this past season in future years as a Director at large.


Thank you for your consideration.

Jarod White


Harold Bloomenthal 

Dear Members.


My term as President has almost expired and is up for re-election at our AGM this spring. I have decided to let my name stand for one more term.


I was first elected to the JDF board in 1997 as a director. In 2003 I was elected as Head Manager. I have been President for the past three terms. As a JDF lifetime member, I have dedicated myself for over two decades as a volunteer in our hockey community. I have been fortunate to work with many excellent volunteers that have served you well. I hope to return to the board for the 2018/2019 season. I am optimistic about our future as an organization and still willing to contribute. You can always count on my best effort as President. It’s truly a labor of love for me to serve this community.


Thanks in advance for your support.

Harold Bloomenthal


Frank Bonnani

My name is Frank Bonanni, I am putting my name forward for a Director at Large for Juan De Fuca Minor Hockey Association. I have been a volunteer hockey coach for the Initiation Program the past 2 seasons and intend to continue coaching for the 2018-2019 season. My son Nolan is 6 years old and will be entering his 3rd season of minor hockey with JDF. I was also a volunteer coach for the Langford Fastball Association in 2017.

In 2017 I put my name forward for Director at Large and was elected to a 1 year term. I was assigned the Atom Co-Ordinator, a position I fulfilled for the 2017-18 hockey season and hope to continue that role for the 2018-19 season.  

I was born and raised in Edmonton and played minor hockey growing until I was 17 years old. My volunteer experience includes being a member of the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton and Drayton Valley for 12 years which included volunteering for Board positions including Treasurer for 2 years and being part of numerous committees for events we put on for local charities. I was also a Board Member for 3 years on the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the year Committee.  

 I feel I am well suited for the Director position with the JDF Minor Hockey Association based on my experience from last year, numerous previous years of experience with Volunteer associations, my years as a minor hockey player and wanting to give back my time for a sport that has taught me so much about life and being a team player.


Laura Braidwood

I would like to put my name in for the position of Registrar.


For the past 2 years I have been manager of the Juvenile team, a job which I’ve used the phrase “like herding cats” many times to describe. I previously managed Midget T2 and was treasurer for my son’s Midget team prior to that. I have an administrative, bookkeeping and financial background that spans 25 years. I am organized, efficient and work well independently while wearing multiple hats - all which are attributes that would transfer well to the registrar position. I am aware that the registrar position requires things to be done in a timely manner with precision, and I promise to do my best. I am always up for a challenge and I love to learn new things and I feel I would be an asset in the registrar position. Thank you for your consideration.


Laura Braidwood


Terry Phelps

Hello hockey friends and JDF members.   I would like to put my name forward as a candidate for Treasurer for the Juan De Fuca Minor Hockey Association.  Next season I will have one son playing Juvenile and the other in Midget.   It has been my pleasure to serve on the board in the past as Treasurer from 2011 to 2015 - I also have been coaching at JDF since 2006.    Our family has been fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits of JDF’s exceptional hockey program since both of our boys started in Initiation.  I would ask for your trust with your vote for Treasurer.  Please accept my pledge to continue to maintain and add value to this organization.  I look forward to working with all members to create the best hockey memories for our kids.


Thank you for your consideration

Terry Phelps


Shane Hughes

My name is Shane Hughes.  I am away on a family vacation so I am unable to attend this years AGM.  

I am putting my name forward again for a directors position on the board.  I have spent the last two seasons directing the Peewee division (year one) and the Midget division (year two).  I have also coached my son Marcus at Jdfmha for the last 7 years. Being a hockey player since a young boy and now a hockey parent, and coach I know how valuable it is to be a volunteer in sport. Without volunteers our kids would not be able to play the sports they enjoy playing. I also have been an active volunteer for Layritz Baseball for the last 7 years, coaching both Minor Softball and Baseball. So all of you that volunteer your time, I appreciate that and although it might not be said enough,thank you!

Not only a do I volunteer in the community,  but I also am a Business owner in Langford. I own and have Managed Hughes Construction Ltd since 2004, and also have a Product based company called Island ICF Inc.  so not only do I know about Hockey, but I also am business oriented.  This means that I am organized and will do my best to keep things that way with what ever position I am elected for. 

I appreciate your consideration and will be happy to help the association in what ever way I can if elected again.

Best Regards

Shane Hughes


Darren Jarvie

I would like to put my name forward for the position of Director at Large for the JDF Executive.

My son has been a player with JDF for the past 8 years. I have been a team manager for the past 7 years. I have learned a great deal about minor hockey and JDF in that time. I have assisted with and run the Rhino tournament for the past 3 seasons. I have mentored and helped many new managers get up to speed and get their season off on the right foot. I am interested in helping make ALL kids in minor hockey have a positive experience. This includes every level of player in JDF and even kids in other associations. Hockey should be a positive experience for every player regardless of their level or association.

I feel my experience in business and IT management, along with 8 years of involvement with minor hockey, will provide me with the ability to contribute to JDF as a director.

I am very passionate about hockey, kids and JDF. Our family has had a ton of great and positive experiences during our time with JDF. I feel we can make it an even better association that it already is with hard work by the great group of people that volunteer and give so much of themselves to JDF. Together with hard work and some fresh perspectives I feel JDF can be an even stronger association. I would like to offer my time and experience to help make that happen if I am elected.

Thank you for your consideration.

Darren Jarvie

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