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Ice Info


Message from Ice Committee

The JDFMHA Ice Committee is a group of elected Executive members who oversee and advise on ice schedules for all teams throughout the season and in preparation for future seasons.

If you team has any concerns or questions with the ice schedule you are directed to contact this committee, not the ice allocator. The ice allocator position is given direction from us therefore all concerns must be addressed to the committee to follow up. You are to continue to contact the ice allocator to advise of your teams tournament schedules and any games you arrange to play, or away ice sessions booked, outside of regular League game schedule. 

Our email is jdfmha-icecommittee@shaw.ca and will be received by our Committee Chair, Dean Pickup.

JDF Ice Committee  


Ice Allocator

*Melissa de Meulles
Assistant Ice Allocator *Dina Franklin
Ice Entry *Each individual team (practices & games)
Ice Committee *Dean Pickup (Chair)
*Cheryl Burton

*Harold Bloomenthal (President)
*Warren Campbell (Head Manager)
*Bill Sidaway (VP Operations)
*Angie Podann (Director)



 Ice Schedules


The Q Centre



Westhills ICE
(Wilfert Road)
Dry Land * - Varies
No Ice No Ice No Ice Aug 23-29, 2014 No Ice  
No Ice Aug 30-Sep 5, 2014 No Ice Aug 30-Sep 5, 2014 No Ice  
Sep 6-12, 2014 Sep 6-12, 2014 No Ice Sep 6-12, 2014 No Ice  
Sep 13-19, 2014 Sep 13-19, 2014 No Ice Sep 13-19, 2014 No Ice  
Sep 20-26, 2014 Sep 20-26, 2014 No Ice Sep 20-26, 2014 No Ice  
        Sept 27 - Oct 3  
        Oct 4-10  
        Oct 11-17  
        Oct 18-24  
        Oct 25-31  
        Nov 1-7  
        Nov 8-14  
        Nov 15-21  
        Nov 22-28  
        Nov 29 - Dec 5  
        Dec 6-12  
        Dec 13-19  

 * NOTE all Dry Land sessions are one hour, start times on the schedule are accurate, but sessions overlap so end times are one hour from the start and some will be at Back to Back on Sooke Rd, Bear Mtn arena or as directed by the Dry Land coach


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