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JdF Association Sponsors

Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Sponsors

The Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Association would like to thank the following organizations that have chosen to sponsor us.  Their contribution allows us to provide much needed equipment, instruction & ice time, and is integral to the success of our hockey programs.  Please show your support to them by taking your business to them.  

If you are interested in sponsoring the Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Association, please fill out the sponsorship application and e-mail to Alys Pivetta.

Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Sponsorship Information

The Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Association is looking for association and team sponsors! 

What could sponsoring the JdFMHA look like?
Depending on the level of sponsorship you are interested in, sponsorship could take one or more of the following forms:

  • FREE or discounted products or services
  • Financial donations, to the organization or a specific team
  • Providing preferred bookings or usage rebates
  • Sponsoring specific tournaments/events
  • Offering matching donations to team fundraising
What can the JdFMHA offer you in recognition of your sponsorship
Sponsorship recognition can include:
  • A receipt for your contribution
  • Your website logo and link on our website
  • Your name on our public media centres
  • Your name on our sponsorship recognition page
  • Invitation and recognition at tournaments and other Association events
  • Individual team sponsorship recognition can include:
    - Your name on team banners
    - Team practice jerseys with your name on them
Please fill out the Sponsorship Request Form and e-mail it to arndpivetta@shaw.ca.  Our Sponsorship Director will be in touch with you to discuss the possibilities.  


Board Advertisements:   



Space is now available to advertise along the boards of the arena or advertise along the valance of the arena.


Your ad would be seen by thousands of people all year.


You would be supporting: Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey AND Juan de Fuca Skating Club


Contact to reserve your space.


Darlene Cookson darcookson@hotmail.com




Dave McClintick clinty55@shaw.ca


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