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Player/Team Forms

JdFMHA Team Budget

-An approved (2/3 of parents/guardians) budget to be submitted to Treasurer by Nov 15
-An interim financial report for period ending 31-Dec must be submitted to Treasurer by Jan 20
-A final financial report must be prepared and available for parents no later than April 15 or ten days after your last team event (whichever is later) and copies forwarded to Treasurer. 

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency action plan for hockey, usually used by your Safety Person

Medical Information Sheet

All players fill out medical sheet at the time of registration.  This sheet must be available at all games/practices and is confidential.  

Hockey Canada Injury Report

Submit the fully completed form to the Branch Office including original receipts.  Put a copy of the Injury Report in the "Injury Report Box" at JDF Arena.  This must be done within 90 days of the accident/injury. 

Player Injury Report Log

This forms needs to be filled out by the safety person, coach or manager as this is your only record of accident/injury.

Incident Report Form

Fill out this form if you witness unacceptable behavior and forward to Head Manager, VP Operations. 

VIAHA Game Report Template 

This form is to be emailed to the appropriate Division Managing Director or Commissioner within 24 hours of game completion. 

Game sheets must be postmarked to the appropriate Division Managing Director or Commissioner within 48 hours of game completion.

Gaming Preapproval Form

The purpose of this form is to ensure the correct information is being provided to the Gaming Commission.  If your team requires any kind of gaming license, this form must be filled out, submitted and approved by the Gaming Director.

Please attach any relevant receipts, email requests, program information or any other documents needed for payment. Submit to JDFMHA office, ATTN: Treasurer

Special Event  Sanction Form 

If you are planning a tournament, a Special Event Sanction Form must be filled out online (click on the Special Event Sanction Form to the left) and approved for off-ice activities, ie-fundraising events, dryland training, etc. 

If this form is not filled out and there is an injury/accident, you will not be covered by the insurance plan.
 As well, you must notify the tournament director and ice coordinator of you tournament intentions. 

Player Coach Evaluation Form

  Post season player coach questionnaire

Parent Coach Evaluation Form

  Post season parent coach observation form
 Kidsport Application   Application for financial help with sport registrations.   
Sport Assist

The Langford SPORTASSIST program is a community-based sport funding program which provides funding for children aged 6-16 residing in Langford to participate in a sport of their choice. Strong communities include strong kids.

A4K Application

The support of A4K is available province-wide for children ages 5 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school. Registration fees are paid for any sport recognized by Sport BC, up to an annual maximum of $600 per child.  Through A4K, hundreds of BC children have the opportunity to follow their dreams through sport.  More information on the registration page


Registration Forms

Team First - Player Contract  

to be signed and given to manager at beginning of season.  

Team First - Parent Contract 

to be signed and given to manager at beginning of season

  RReturning Player Information

For all registration information and inquiries please contact Cheryl Burton at cherylburton@shaw.ca.

2014-15 New Player Registration Form  

Complete in full as part of new registration requirement.  

Medical Information Sheet 

All players fill out medical sheet to be turned in before first ice session.  This sheet must be available at all games/practices and is confidential.   

Withdrawal from Hockey Refund Form 

If you are withdrawing from hockey, this form must be completed and forwarded to the Registrar.

 Declaration of Residency - Move With Parent   

This form is a required document for all minor hockey players, who by way of a residential move with parents, are registering at a different minor hockey association than they were registered with in the previous season. 

Coaches Forms

Coaches Application

Forwarded completed coaches applications to the JDFMHA Office, c/o Head Coach, JDFMHA.  Please read coaches' application cover letter

Certification Check Form

Certification checks to verify your certification.  Must be mailed in.  Requests can take up to two weeks.

Blank Practice Plan  



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