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Atom, Novice & PeeWee C  Candice Heinekey
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Referee Assignors
PeeWee A & B, Bantam & Midget Neil Lundin
***To book a referee, please contact above via e-mail at least three days in advance (a week is preferable). 

2013-14 Referee Pay Rates 

Goalline Referee Manual


Team Instructions to Request Referees
This season we have upgraded the Goalline system to incorporate the referee assignments for your scheduled games. For anyone who is new to managing or coaching this year.  Neil Lundin is the RIC and I assist with the lower levels.
Neil assigns the games for Peewee Rep, Bantam House & Rep, Midget House & Rep, and Juvenile and can be reached at neilandlaurellundin@shaw.ca
I assign the games for Initiation, Novice, Atom House & Development and Peewee House and I can be reached at heinekey@shaw.ca
Last year 98% of the managers use the team calendar to enter games and practices, this year it is a requirement. Entering your games in the system is what allows us to generate a list of the games for the specific time frame we state and assigned the referees their jobs online.  It will only pull up your home games assigned to our arenas (JDF, Bear Mountain, Westhills and Naden). 
We schedule referees at the start of the week (Monday or Tuesday) for an upcoming weekend.  Please ensure the following:
  • You have all games entered by Sunday.  We need a few days to arrange the referees.
  • Neil and I will be in and out of the system assigning and reviewing for the referees’ confirmation to a game.  Once we have all games assigned and confirmed we might not go in regularly and check.
  • When entering your games please ensure you put your game number in the details section and click the display.
  • We normally will not schedule referees unless you have an opposing team listed.  Please ensure you update when you have the info.
  • If you cancel or change the time of your game we will get notified.  Please do not delete a game that has taken place and that referees were assigned.
As this system is new to everyone until we have really had a chance to play and make sure there is no glitches, I ask that enter your game in your calendar AND send an email to your assignor as well.  This is to be done for all games right now, tiering, league and exhibition.
Please use the following format for your emails.  Neil and I receive massive emails from teams and this way will allow us to sort and ensure nothing is missed.
We would only like one game listed per email.  It might seem like more work for you but ultimately in the end, it will make it easier for us to ensure that each game is booked and easier to cross reference to the system to ensure we have the game.
Subject Line:  Referee Request – 2013-10-24 @ 7:00pm Bantam C1
We would like to request referees for the following game:
Game #:          BP604
Date:               Oct 24, 2013  
Time:               7:00pm to 8:20pm
Arena:             Westhills
Home Team:   JDF Bantam C1
Away Team:    Peninsula Bantam C3
This game has been entered in my team calendar
This game has not been entered in my team calendar as I don’t have access
<Manager Name>
Bantam C1
I am sure most of you have used your calendars before to enter games, however please click on this link to see more information.  There are two pages. 
If you have any questions or need help, please contact me as I am willing to provide any guidance you need.  If you do not have access to your calendar yet please advise me. We have access to entering your games for you until your access is granted by Karen.



NEW!  2013/14 Referee Registration

Those persons interested in becoming a JDF Minor Hockey Official please print and complete our Referee Registration form.  
There are many new and exciting plans for our officiating program this year so all referees, new or returning must attend one of the below orientation sessions BEFORE you will be eligible to referee for the 2013/14 season. 

  • Orientation Session 1 - August 14, 2013

  • Orientation Session 2 - September 12, 2013.

Please email your completed registration form to heinekey@shaw.ca or drop it off at the JDF Office Attention:    Candice Heinekey.  Deadline for registration is September 1, 2013.
More info is available on the BC Hockey Website section on officiating:   http://www.bchockey.net/Officiating/officiating



Referee Clinics


The 2013/14 Referee Clinics will be posted as information becomes available.

Referee Links

Officiating Rule book

Officials Development Guide


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