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2014-15 Registration

New Members

JDFMHA is currently accepting names on a wait list for all divisions.  To waitlist for the 2014-15 playing season, please email Registrar: Cheryl Burton @ cherylburton@shaw.ca indicating:

1.  age of child, (birth date)
2.  male or female
3.  current address with postal code
4.  phone number and email  

The Registrar will be contacting waitlisted children in the spring regarding available openings once our returning player registration is complete.


Registration Criteria

 -All players must be registered in their age division. 
-There will be no registration of younger than age groups stated, ie-no one born in 2010.
-Registration is on a first come/first paid basis. 
-Returning players have the first opportunity to register for the 2014/15 season. Online registration will be available mid February.  You are not considered registered unless all supporting documentation is received, including payment. 
-Accounts in arrears - any outstanding fees from the 2013/14 season are due before registration for the 2014/15 season is accepted.  Any player not showing complete payment by July 31, 2013, will not be eligible to play until payments are received in full.

Checklist for Registration
Registration Form New members only
Returning Player Info For all registration information and inquiries, please contact Cheryl at cherylburton@shaw.ca.
Medical Form To be handed in at first ice session, completely filled out
Player Contract To be signed and given to manager at beginning of season
Parent Contract To be signed and given to manager at beginning of season
Photocopy of
Proof of Residence
New members only, unless requested
2014/15 Registration Fee Schedule
Division Year of Birth Registration Try-Out Rep Fees
Initiation 2008-2009 $305 n/a n/a
Novice 2006-2007 $480 n/a n/a
Atom 2004-2005 $595 $50 $130
PeeWee 2002-2003 $595   $100 $262.50
Bantam 2000-2001 $595   $100 $262.50
Midget 1997-1999 $595 $100 $262.50
Juvenile 1995-1996 $390 n/a n/a

Proof of Residence

JdFMHA draw zone = "School 62 from the Parsons Bridge west to Kangaroo Road, and the Highland Area.  Residents from the Township of View Royal shall be in a shared draw zone between JDFMHA and Victoria Minor Hockey Association.  The residents of this shared draw zone have a one-time choice of where to register starting with 2007/08 season, depending on space available.  Residents in the District of Metchosin shall in be a shared draw zone between JDFMHA and Sooke Minor Hockey Association.  The residents in this shared draw zone have a one-time choice of where to register starting with the 2005-06 season, depending on space available.  All statements pertain to both recreation and carded players."

This is very important to keep in mind when registering your player.  Players have to live in the draw zone stated above to register in JDFMHA, hence the proof of residency is required at the time of registration even for returning players.  This should be a recent utility bill showing the current address of the player.  All bills are kept with the registration forms and are treated as confidential information.  Proof of residency is required to confirm the player's residency within the Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Association Draw Zone.  Any player who does not legally reside within the JDFMHA draw zone must produce written permission from BC Hockey to play within the JDFMHA.  If a player is registered in JDFHMA that is not in our draw zone, their team could be disqualified from play-offs, etc. 

Representative Teams

JDFMHA cards representative (rep) teams in the PeeWee, Bantam & Midget divisions.  Players wishing to try out for rep teams are required to pay a non-refundable tryout fee payable at the time of registration.  As well at the time of registration, if your player is trying out for a rep team, a rep fee is also collected at the time of registration post-dated for October 15th.  If your player makes the team, these fees are used to purchase extra ice for these carded teams.  If your child does not make the rep team, your cheque will be returned.

Kidsport & Canadian Tire Programs

1.  Kidsport is a program that will provide financial help with sport registrations.  Please click on link for more information.

2.  Canadian Tire Jump Start Program is a community-based charitable program that helps kids in financial need participate in organized sport and recreation such as hockey, soccer and swimming.  Please click on link for more information. 

3. A4K is available province-wide for children ages 5 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school. Registration fees are paid for any sport recognized by Sport BC, up to an annual maximum of $600 per child (considerably higher than other sport funding charities). Through A4K, hundreds of BC children have the opportunity to follow their dreams through sport. 

A4K Application Checklist
A4K Eligibility Guidelines
A4K Eligible Sports
A4K Sport Funding Thresholds
A4K Application

In order to ensure that the Athletics for Kids’ program remains a viable and valuable resource for those that require our assistance, a re-evaluation of the program criteria was recently conducted. Drivers for this review included the changing sporting preferences of youth, rising participation fees, and increased demand for A4K funding.
The following changes will be effective April 1, 2011: 
1.    Each of the A4K approved sports (see attached document) has a maximum yearly funding threshold.  These thresholds were created after extensive research to determine an appropriate average annual cost of each approved sport. Each applicant is still eligible for the 12 month total funding maximum of $600 but this may come from multiple sport activities.

2.  A4K will pay a maximum of 80% of the sport activity’s base registration fee up to an absolute maximum amount predetermined as the sport’s yearly    funding threshold.  The remaining 20% owed to the sport organization is payable by the applicant’s family.

3.    For sports where the schedule/season spans longer than 3 months, applications must be submitted to A4K no later than 30 days after the official start of play as determined by the sporting organization for which the application is made. For sports where the schedule/season spans less than 3 months, applications must be submitted to A4K no later than 14 days after the official start of play as determined by the sporting organization for which the application is made.
4.  For programs such as martial arts that lack seasons but operate throughout the year, A4K will provide funding up to a maximum of 3 months into the future. After these 3 months, a new application form submission is required.

As the above changes are effective April 1, 2011, all applications received after this date will be subject to the new guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with the attached documents and print them for your records. All eligibility guidelines will be posted on our website at www.a4k.ca. Please direct families that wish to apply to this resource.

Family Plan

JDFMHA's family plan is full price for the first 2 players and 1/2 price for each additional player.  The lowest fee is halved.  Any rep fees are still assessed.  


Upon commencement of the 2014/15 playing season, registration fees shall not be refunded unless a player is unable to participate due to medical reasons or as a result of an out-of-catchment move.  Refunds are on a prorated basis and there is a non-refundable administration fee that covers insurance and carding.  A completed Refund Request form must be completed and either mailed or delivered to the Registrar.  Refund rates are as follows:
-all applications for withdrawal must be made in writing and mailed, delivered or e-mailed to the Registrar.
-Requests received prior to Sept 1, 2014 = 100% less a $50 administrative fee.
-Requests received prior to Oct 1, 2014 = 6/7ths less $50 administrative fee.
-Requests received prior to Nov 1, 2014 = 5/6ths less $50 administrative fee.
-Requests received after Jan 1, 2015 = no refund.
-Special consideration may be given for relocation, medical or compassionate grounds, but requests must be in writing and are at the discretion of the JDFMHA Executive.  


Tax Receipts

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