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The team manager is an important component in creating the flow of communication, not only with the team (players, parents & coaches), but between the Divisional Managers, other teams, referees, officials, and the Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Association.  The role of team manager can be complex and thus organizational skills, tact and courtesy are essential qualities.  Click here for the JDF Manager's Manual.

By taking on the operation aspects of a team, the manager enables the coaches to focus on player development and on-ice instruction.  The manager may also act as a coordinator within the team if there are other parent volunteers involved (ie-treasurer, safety person, phone person, etc.).  The manager reports to the head coach. 

Once teams are chosen, if you are interested in becoming a manager, submit your name to the coach.   
1.  All Managers must have the Respect in Sport Course (formerly Speak Out).  Must be recertified every four years.
2.  All Managers must complete a criminal record check.

Regarding the Respect in Sport Course, this is a team cost, as is the HSP Course.  Once the team manager and the hockey safety person is chosen, it is the team's responsibility to cover the cost of these courses.  Coaches courses will be reimbursed by JDFMHA only after the course is completed, ie-the homework portion as well. 

Regarding your criminal record check - a letter is needed from our Association by the RCMP to ensure that you are a volunteer for JDFMHA.  Without this letter, there is a $50 charge for a criminal record check.  To get this letter, contact jdfmha@shaw.ca.   Criminal record checks need to be completed every three years.

Basic Manager Duties:
1.  Team Meetings
2.  Volunteers/Delegation
3.  Team Rules/Safety
4.  Organizing Games (ie-timekeeper, scorekeeper, referees).  Click on this link for ordering referees for games.
5.  Applying for Tournaments
6.  Organizing Travel
7.  Team Activities
8.  Complete game sheets and ensure the game sheet is delivered to the game referee at least five minutes before every home game.
8.  Liaise between coaches, parents, divisional managers.

Please Note:  Be sure all players are eligible to play at JDFMHA; if you play an ineligible player, your team can be qualified.  Check the list the Registar provides you with to ensure all players on your team are registered.  VIAHA checks this list as well.


Manager Forms


Team Registration Form

Completed team lists must be filed with the Registrar by Oct 1 for rep teams and Oct 15 for house teams.  Please be sure to add the coaches, managers & safety person's date of birth, address & PHN number.

Gaming Preapproval Form

The purpose of this form is to ensure the correct information is being provided to the Gaming Commission.  If your team requires any kind of gaming license, this form must be filled out, submitted and approved by the Gaming Director.

Medical Information Sheet

All players fill out medical sheet at the time of registration.  This sheet will be given to you by the Registrar.  This sheet must be available at all games/practices and is confidential.  

Hockey Canada Injury Report

Submit the fully completed form to the Branch Office including original receipts.  Put a copy of the Injury Report in the "Injury Report Box" at JDF Arena.  This must be done within 90 days of the accident/injury. 

Player Injury Report Log

This forms needs to be filled out by the safety person, coach or manager.  This will be your only record of accident/injury as the injury report needs to be submitted ASAP.  

Incident Report Form

Fill out this form if you witness unacceptable behavior and forward to Head Manager, VP Operations. 

VIAHA Game Report Template This form is to be emailed to the appropriate Division Managing Director within 24 hours of game completion.  Game sheets must be postmarked to the appropriate Division Managing Director within 72 hours of game completion.

Tournament Sanction Form


Special Event Sanction Form 

A Special Event Sanction Form must be filled out online and approved for off-ice activities, ie-fundraising events, dryland training, etc.  If this is not filled out and there is an injury/accident, you will not be covered by the insurance plan. 

If you are planning a tournament, a Special Event Sanction Form must be filled out online (click on the Special Event Sanction Form to the left).  As well, you must notify the tournament director and ice coordinator of you tournament intentions.

Interdistrict & USA Tournament & Exhibition Game Sanction Form 

In addition to completing the online application, you must also complete and submit the Interdistrict & USA Tournament & Exhibition Form - 90 days prior to the start of the event.

BC Hockey teams traveling outside of the province or country should review the Travel Insurance Information Insurance Coverage – Out of Country Competitions and / or Players Bulletin.

Other Manager Information

JDF Manager Manual
First Parent Meeting Outline
Team Manager Checklist
Hockey Canada Team Manager Manual
JDFMHA Blank Letterhead
Blank Calendar
Game Checklist
Glossary of Terms
Event Sanctioning Guidelines
Wilson Transportation is the preferred bus transportation of the JdFMHA.         
  • All JdF teams travelling by bus to/from tournaments, or other hockey sponsored activities, are encouraged to use Wilson Transportation.
  • Out of town teams travelling to/from tournaments hosted by JdFMHA are encouraged to use Wilson transportation for travel to/from the Ferries.
Travel arrangements can be made by contacting Val at Val@wilsonstransportation.com or at 250 475-3235 and identifying yourself as a JdFMHA team.  

For marketing or sponsorships, please contact Samantha at Samantha@wilsonstransportation.com              

Safety Person

*All Safety Persons must have Safety Trainer Course (valid for three years)and Speak Out Course

Emergency Action Plan Emergency action plan for hockey, usually used by your Safety Person
Player Injury Report Log

This forms needs to be filled out by the safety person, coach or manager.  This will be your only record of accident/injury as the injury report needs to be submitted ASAP.  


Treasurer Forms

JDFMHA Team Budget

-An approved (2/3 of parents/guardians) budget to be submitted to Treasurer by Nov 15
-An interim financial report for period ending 31-Dec must be submitted to Treasurer by Jan 20
-A final financial report must be prepared and available for parents no later than April 15 or ten days after your last team event (whichever is later) and copies forwarded to Treasurer. 

Expense Cheque Request form

Please attach any relevant receipts, email requests, program information or any other documents needed for payment. Submit to JDFMHA office, ATTN: Treasurer

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