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Fundraising / Gaming

Gaming/Fundraising Rules (as of Sept 2009)

1.  JdFMHA 50/50 Policy
-There will be no 50/50 draws during regular season or exhibition games. 
-Only when hosting a tournament will 50/50 draws be permitted with the correct licensing (see below).
-For 50/50 draws, the winning ticket needs to be retained for five years. 

2.  Teams are not able to conduct any Class D gaming events in a pub, licensed premise inside an arena, or any other place that is licensed to serve or sell liquor.

3.  All plans for team fundraising activities involving gaming must be submitted through the Gaming Preapproval Form to the Gaming Director for approval at least two weeks prior to your fundraising event.  Information concerning the nature of the event, date, time, location and team conducting the event must be provided.  The Gaming Director must approval all fundraising activities involving gaming.  After the event, the team manager must notify the Gaming Director the amount of the funds raised and how they were disbursed.

4.  Teams may plan, budget and fundraise through gaming for the following purposes:
-tournament team registration fees
-additional ice rental
-dryland training facilities
-referees for exhibition games
-team equipment (pucks, pylons, etc.)
-player expenses, such as team bus, players' only hotel expenses, and other travel expenses incurred by the player (not players' family members)
-other player development expenses

Failure by members of JDFMHA to follow these rules could jeopardize the approval of future gaming fund requests made by JDFMHA.   The Gaming Policy Branch granted our Association $62,000 this season, from its gaming revenue, which has allowed us to purchase such items as extra ice from our three home arenas.  Should an audit be conducted and our Association is found to be "not in compliance' with the reporting requirements, we risk losing future grants; therefore, everyone's registration could go up in the area of $200 per player.

Special Note: Although we have recently been released from the responsibility of performing in hall hours and are currently awaiting information regarding the requirement to complete out of hall hours, JdFMHA is a community organization and we will continue to promote our affiliation with Playtime Bingo as we give back to the community at events like our annual food drive on picture day and at our tournaments throughout the season. As many people have seen and heard, there is considerable concern over the uncertainty of gaming money and in light of this, we at JdFMHA will continue to do our best to promote our organization in a positive light and support our community in any way possible. The loss of gaming revenue would mean an increase in player registration in the area of $200.00 per player for our next season, with this in mind please ensure your fundraising is within gaming guidelines as to not jeopardize our standing with the gaming commission.
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