Gaming Rules (Updated September 2015)

1.  JDFMHA 50/50 Policy
  • There will be no 50/50 draws during regular season or exhibition games.
  • Only when hosting a tournament will 50/50 draws be permitted with the correct licensing.
  • For 50/50 draws, the winning ticket needs to be retained for five years. 
2. Teams are not able to conduct any Class D gaming events in a pub, licensed premise inside an arena, or any other place that is licensed to serve or sell liquor.
3.  All plans for team fundraising activities involving gaming must be submitted through the Gaming Pre-approval Form to the for approval at least three weeks prior to your fundraising event.  Information concerning the nature of the event, date, time, location and team conducting the event must be provided.  The Gaming Director must approve all fundraising activities involving gaming.  After the event, the team manager must notify the Gaming Director to complete the gaming event process.
4.  Teams may plan, budget and fundraise through gaming for the following purposes:
  • tournament team registration fees
  • additional ice rental
  • dryland training facilities
  • referees for exhibition games
  • team equipment (pucks, pylons, etc.)
  • player expenses, such as team bus, players' only hotel expenses, and other travel expenses incurred by the player (not players' family members)
  • other player development expenses
Failure by members of JDFMHA to follow these rules could jeopardize the approval of future gaming fund requests made by JDFMHA.   The Gaming Policy Branch granted our Association $100,000 this season, from its gaming revenue, which has allowed us to purchase such items as extra ice from our four home arenas.  Should an audit be conducted and our Association is found to be "not in compliance' with the reporting requirements, we risk losing future grants; therefore, everyone's registration could go up in the area of $150 per player.  JDFMHA is a community organization and we will continue to give back to the community at events like our annual food drive on picture day and at our tournaments throughout the season.  

Gaming Information

Gaming Proceeds Policy (updated Sep 2018)

Gaming Budget Sheets (updated 2015)

Gaming Pre-Approval Form 2016 - To be updated

Send request to 
The purpose of this form is to ensure the correct information is being provided to the Gaming Commission.  If your team requires any kind of gaming license, this form must be filled out, submitted and approved by the our Gaming Director (


Fundraising Ideas

Thrifty Foods Smile Card Program

Our Smile Card Fundraising Program allows qualifying organizations to raise funds by shopping with Thrifty Foods. The system is simple: Thrifty Foods will donate an amount equal to 5% of the dollars you load onto your pre-assigned Smile Card to the group you are supporting. Extra support in your organization’s pocket is as easy as that!


Life's too short for yet another fundraiser. Shop with your team and earn cash back on restaurants, travel and everyday items.


Bottle Drive Information

JdFMHA has predetermined bottle drive routes available for teams.   Please complete this form to schedule your bottle drive.

Please have the following information emailed prior to the date of your bottle drive:

Make sure to sanction your team's bottle drive - BC Hockey online sanctioning form (at least 7 days ahead which covers insurance) and have the following information available:

  • Date of Bottle drive
  • Company being used for bottle drive: Alpine or Bottle Depot
  • Sorting location
  • Team name
  • Team contact name and email address (Day of Bottle Drive contact as well if different)

After you receive you approval email with sanction number(4 digit number in subject line), forward that on to the JDF Gaming Director at who will then review the application and issue the team a route.

  • After the bottle drive, please email the amount of money made on the bottle drive, along with your sanction ID to 

JDFMHA Bottle Drive Guidelines (Updated Sept 2016)

When you have completed your route you must hand back your route as we currently have a waitlist for bottle drive routes. Teams are allowed to do more than one bottle drive per season but you will have to request a new route for every bottle drive you plan.

Teams are allowed to flyer their given routes but you are not allowed to put flyers up in your own neighborhoods. You can get friends and family members to drop their bottles to you. If every player collected in their own neighborhoods there would not be any routes available.

Please make sure to follow the guidelines to make it fair for every team in the association. Failure to comply with the guidelines could see your team assessed with a fine.

Please make pick up arrangements directly with one of the following organizations:

Alpine Group   

  • 5% Back Directly to the Team Doing the Bottle Drive
  • Full Refunds
  • Free Supply Drop Off 
  • Free Pick-up
  • Free Booking
  • Movable Sorting Table
  • Bottle Drive Sandwich Board to Direct Traffic to the Drive
  • $1,000 donation to the Christmas Alpine Cup Tournament. 
Teams can book their bottle drive online by going to: 

Bottle Depot   

BOTTLE DEPOT’S information to your website(I have attached a screen shot of the page we would like to have updated):

  • 10% Back Directly to the Team Doing the Bottle Drive
  • Full Refunds
  • Free Supply Drop Off 
  • Free Pick-up
  • Free Booking
  • Bottle Drive Contest potential to win $4000!!

Teams can book their bottle drive online by going to:


Travel Expenses

BC Ferries Sport Experience Program

BC Ferries and ViaSport British Columbia recognize that travel is often a barrier to amateur sport teams as they seek competitive opportunities for their athletes.

To assist in removing this barrier, the BC Ferries Sport Experience Program has been developed to provide travel support to not-for-profit sport organizations. Eligible applicants may apply for up to 2 one-way passenger vouchers per eligible traveller. Through this exciting program, BC Ferries and ViaSport British Columbia will assist with ferry travel costs for athletes, coaches and team managers.

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