JdFMHA Policies

Revised - April 2017



In addition to adhering to the Policies of the Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association (VIAHA), BC Hockey (BCAHA), and Hockey Canada, the policies of Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Association (JDFMHA) are:


  1. The finances of the Association shall be conducted through the Association approved bank or credit union. Prior to Annual General Meeting, the Treasurer shall submit a detailed Financial Statement and have the Books available for inspection by any Member.
  2. If required, an accounting firm may help set up an accounting system and may audit the books prior to the end of the season. For financial purposes only, the books run on the fiscal year of March 1 to February 28 of the next year.
  3. The Equipment Manager shall be responsible through the Treasurer to the Executive Committee, for inventory control and accountability of all equipment.
  4. Tournaments and other Special functions are to be accounted for as separate accounts.
  5. Application must be made to the Gaming Director prior to any Team embarking on a Team fundraising event. At the completion of such event, a detailed financial statement must be submitted by the Team, to the Gaming Director, within fourteen (14) days.
  6. A separate bank account, at the Association approved bank or credit union, must be kept by each Team. All monies derived from fundraising events must be deposited in this account. These monies are to be used for the operation of the Team. The Signing Authority for these accounts shall be the Team Treasurer and an approved second Voting Member of the Team.
  7. Prior to completion of Team Activities for any Playing Season, all outstanding monies owed by that Team must be paid in full.
  8. If requested by the Treasurer, the Signing Authorities for individual Teams will present all financial records for that Team.
  9. All Requirements under the Societies Act must be met.



In addition to various Powers, Duties and Authorities herein conferred upon them, the Executive Committee shall have the following Power and Authority:

  1. To deal with Protests and Complaints;
  2. To Suspend Members for willful violation of Association Constitution and Bylaws, and Policies;
  3. To deal with Appeals from Suspended Members;
  4. To deal with every application for Registration and Transfer.



Immediate Past President (Table Officer)

  1. Shall serve as an advisor to the President to maintain continuity from Playing Season to Playing Season;
  2. Shall be a member of the Officers, Table Officers and Executive Committee;
  3. May be appointed by the President, to any Committee, as required.


President (Table Officer)

  1. Shall preside over all Meetings of the Association with the usual privileges of this office;
  2. Shall approve the Minutes of all Meeting and ensure that a file is maintained by the Secretary;
  3. Shall ensure Quorum is present at each JDFMHA executive meeting in agreement with the JDFMHA Constitution;
  4. Shall ensure that all aspects and or spirit of the JDFMHA Constitution are in force;
  5. Shall ensure that all Executive Committee Members are aware of their duties and are properly executing them. They should further draw attention to ineffectual performance issues and encourage corrective measures or remedies;
  6. Shall be responsible for the proper administration of discipline of the Association;
  7. Shall represent JDFMHA at all VIAHA meetings;
  8. Shall attend the BCAHA AGM;
  9. Shall appoint an Executive Member as the communications officer who for provide consistent information to the membership via email and through posting on the web site. This position does not preclude board members from communicating on matters specific to their own portfolios. The purpose of this appointment is intended standardize general communication;
  10. Shall be a member of all Committees; k) Shall serve as a signing authority on all JDFMHA accounts.

Vice President of Operations- 1st Vice (Table Officer)

  1. Shall perform the duties of the President in absence of the President;
  2. Shall assume the duties of the President for the remainder of the Playing Season, should the President resign or not be able to carry on for any reason;
  3. Shall serve on any Committee of the Association at the discretion of the President;
  4. Shall be the Chairman of the Discipline Committee;
  5. Shall arrange all ice contracts prior to the commencement of each season;
  6. Shall be responsible to design, allocate, resource and fully realize the entire assessment process for the Rep and Rec divisions;
  7. Shall be responsible to schedule all exhibition games prior to VIAHA annually producing their scheduled Tiering games;
  8. Shall be certified in Coach 2- Coach Level/Hitting Clinic prior to running for this position;
  9. Shall report to the President any outstanding issues or concerns.

Vice President of Administration- 2nd Vice (Table Officer)

  1. Shall perform the duties of the Vice President - Operations in the absence of the Vice President - Operations;
  2. Shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of both the President and Vice President of Operations;
  3. Shall perform the duties of the President for the remainder of the Playing Season, should the Vice President - Operations and the President resign or not be able to carry on for any reason;
  4. Shall serve on any Committee of the Association at the discretion of the President;
  5. Shall be the Chairman of the Constitution Committee with oversight germane to By-law, Policy and Job Description amendments;
  6. Shall serve as the primary contact for requesting and managing all coaching applications while establishing corresponding interview schedules for all coaches prior to commencement of each season;
  7. Shall ensure AGM is publicized to the membership four weeks (30 calendar days) prior to the date while communicating the Order of Business and Executive Board vacancies;
  8. Shall schedule and fully realize the annual (November) team picture day event establishing a schedule and communicating the order of photo sequences to all teams;
  9. Shall serve as a signing authority on all JDFMHA accounts;
  10. Shall report to the President any outstanding issues or concerns.

Head Manager (Table Officer)

  1. Shall take immediate and appropriate action on any problem presented by any of the Divisional Managers;
  2. Shall identify and then serve as a liaison with Commissioners when required;
  3. Shall disseminate all correspondence from VIAHA and BCAHA to team Managers;
  4. Shall furnish communiques to team Managers and Head Coaches on any topics germane to team operations, prosperity or corrective measures;
  5. Shall chair an annual (August) meeting with all Divisional Managers to ensure best practices, priorities, and actions to be realized in support of the annual assessment process. Shall coordinate the same with the V.P. of Operations;
  6. Shall chair a meeting of Divisional Managers and Team Managers no later than mid-October to ensure that:
    • All Divisions are operating effectively;
    • All complaints or concerns have been considered and the necessary action taken;
    • VIAHA game sheets are distributed to all Divisional Managers and/or Team Managers;
    • All Team Managers are effectively communicating with their respective teams;
    • All Team Managers understand and apply existing VIAHA and BCAHA protocols.
    • Shall assign Supervisors to all JDFMHA hosted playoff games at VIAHA’s request;
  7. Shall ensure all team managers complete and forward the BC Hockey mandated “Sportsmanship Starts in the Stands” no later than November 1 annually. Shall further retain these for the duration of the season;
  8. Shall serve on the Discipline Committee;
  9. Shall report to the V.P. of Operations any outstanding issues or concerns.

Treasurer (Table Officer)

  1. Shall present an accurate monthly Financial Report to the Executive Committee of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable;
  2. Shall oversee maintenance of the proper set of books to record all financial transactions;
  3. Shall ensure all books be accurately detailed, up to date and readily available for audit or as required;
  4. Shall present, at Annual General Meetings (AGM), a detailed Financial Statement of the current finances of the Association;
  5. Shall prepare preliminary annual budget each summer using projected registration figures provided by the Registrar;
  6. Shall coordinate with Registrar to verify compliance on fee payment for all registrants;
  7. Shall provide updated Budget following completion of registration;
  8. Shall coordinate Ice Rental Agreements with V.P. of Operations;
  9. Within two (2) weeks following the AGM, shall submit appropriate documents to the Societies Act;
  10. Shall provide advice on any Executive Board’s proposed spending outside of accepted line item expenditures;
  11. Shall ensure that the Office Administrator consolidates and processes all team Representative funds due annually in October;
  12. Shall be responsible to ensure all bank accounts are annually set up and operational for all teams to assume while being responsible for closing and reconciling all balances at the conclusion of each season;
  13. Shall provide oversight for the paid Office Administration position;
  14. Shall Chair the Bursary and Scholarship Fund Committee;
  15. Shall report to the V.P. of Administration any outstanding issues or concerns.


  1. Shall be responsible for the Registration of players, ensuring all registration requirements are satisfied;
  2. Shall issue pre-registration forms or advise members to download form from website;
  3. Shall maintain current registration database separating those who pay for Rep assessments and those electing to participate in Rec league play while providing up to date registration to the Executive, as required;
  4. Shall maintain a waitlist of the new registrants in all age categories;
  5. Shall close returning registration application July 31 annually;
  6. Shall provide master wait list to the Table Officers of all registrants, by division, on August 1 annually and by request thereafter;
  7. Shall ensure all carding is done prior to league play each year;
  8. Shall provide team rosters and make changes throughout the season as requested by Executive Members;
  9. Shall facilitate transfers to other Associations when division(s) are full;
  10. Shall respond to BCAHA and VIAHA on any pertinent matters;
  11. Given that communication is paramount for registrants and all incoming or outgoing members, the registrar shall acknowledge, but not necessarily action, all members e-mail (or otherwise) inquiries, via e-mail, within 48 hours;
  12. Shall prepare and assist the Assistant Registrar to host one face to face registration sign up night while ensuring prior notification is posted on the web site;
  13. Shall report to the V.P of Administration any outstanding issues or concerns.


  1. Shall record the Minutes of all Meetings and have distributed electronically to the executive board one week (7 days) prior to the next meeting;
  2. Shall provide updated lists to Treasurer for Society filing following any changes to the Constitution or Board Members;
  3. Shall retain (digital) copies of all minutes, correspondence and mail;
  4. Shall mail Executive Membership lists to BCAHA, VIAHA each year prior to each AGM;
  5. Shall advise all expected attendees one week (7 days) prior to following JDFMHA Executive meeting;
  6. Shall book all boardrooms and or venues through WSPR on behalf of the Executive;
  7. Shall report to the V.P. of Administration any outstanding issues or concerns.

Gaming Director

  1. Shall review and coordinate all team fundraising activities to avoid duplication or conflict of activities within the community;
  2. Shall apply for gaming monies on behalf of JDFMHA and ensure all teams are adhering to Gaming Guidelines;
  3. Shall assist with team applications for various licenses including 50/50 draws, raffles, and anything else requiring a BC Government Gaming Licence;
  4. Shall co-ordinating between West Shore Parks and Recreation and team mangers the purchase of rink boards, advertisement, etc. while observing Association policy on these matters;
  5. Shall arrange, schedule and allocate team bottle drive routes each season;
  6. Shall ensure the annual application towards the Community Gaming grant is submitted;
  7. Shall promote and accept advertising opportunities from community sponsors and partners while reporting those developments to the Executive Board;
  8. Shall report to the Treasurer any outstanding issues or concerns.

Risk Manager

  1. Shall liaison with the Assistant Registrar for ensuring compliance towards current Concussion Awareness Training (CATT), Respect in Sport (RIS) certification or recertification and current Criminal Record Checks (CRC);
  2. Shall track applications, compliance and results for all Criminal Record Checks (CRC);
  3. Shall maintain, manage and ensure compliance of e PACT account;
  4. Shall maintain a current database capturing reported injuries annually with results and action;
  5. Shall review and submit all injury reports within 90 days of incident to BCAHA;
  6. Shall communicate with families in a timely manner, as required, to confirm processing of insurance coverage;
  7. Shall furnish an annual October (e-mail) memo to entire membership describing return to play protocols with respect to injuries and subsequent actions and or outcomes;
  8. Shall attend the annual October Managers’ meeting and offer a brief Safety presentation with instruction and action that govern injuries (paperwork, reporting) to all team mangers while holding a Q&A to ensure full understanding;
  9. Shall confirm all website material under the Risk Management tab is up to date;
  10. Shall be the primary contact for all Safety Person's questions as they arise throughout each season;
  11. Shall maintain qualification for the Canadian Hockey Safety Program (HCSP);
  12. Shall report to the V.P. Administration any outstanding issues or concerns.

Assistant Registrar

  1. Shall host one annual face to face registration evening to allow members to register in person;
  2. Shall ensure all volunteers are registered on the HCR and are current in their qualifications. Will subsequently advise any volunteer(s) who are no longer qualified;
  3. Shall ensure all volunteer and bench staff qualifications are met by the VIAHA deadline. To do so, will ensure the following actions are met:
    1. Will identify training and or certification required by October 15 and provide list for action to the appropriate Divisional Manager;
    2. Will follow up with Divisional Managers for compliance by November 1; for any requirements not met, will direct to Head Manager for follow up;
    3. Will report any unresolved requirements to the VP Admin by November 15.
  4. Shall ensure all players, coaching staff, team managers and safety official are entered into teams within the HCR;
  5. Shall coordinate with the Risk Manager to ensure all requirements are updated on the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR);
  6. Shall report to the Registrar any outstanding issues or concerns.


Directors of the Association shall be required to fill one position each year. Through consultation with the Table Officers, the President shall ensure all Directors serve in capacities or roles that offer measurable utility. At the request of the President, Directors shall accept a portfolio to ensure their standing on the Board.

Divisional Managers

  1. Shall represent the interests of players and parents within their respective division;
  2. Shall disseminate all correspondence from VIAHA and BCAHA to team managers;
  3. Shall ensure all complaints or inquires by team managers or families have been considered and the necessary action taken;
  4. Shall serve as a means of communication, for their division, for ice schedules and inquires during the annual assessment process;
  5. Shall submit to the Registrar all pertinent information on team officials and players;
  6. Shall ensure that team equipment needs are fulfilled through the equipment manager;
  7. Shall report to the Head Manager any outstanding issues or concerns.

Tournament Coordinator

  1. Shall enter JDFMHA Representative teams into their first tournament each season ahead of team formation to ensure they don’t miss any opportunities;
  2. Will coordinate with the Vice President of Operations to ensure proper placement in first tournament;
  3. Wil book group hotels for teams first tournament if out of town;
  4. Shall identify to the Executive Board all proposed JDF sponsored tournaments;
  5. Shall promote all JDF tournaments by posting on the JDF, VIAHA and BCAHA web sites;
  6. Shall be the principle contact for all initial inquiries until each tournament organizing body is formed and prepared to assume responsibility;
  7. Shall assist team tournament coordinators with direction, instruction and knowledge;
  8. Shall host meetings facilitating teams hosting each tournament;
  9. Shall work with the Gaming Director to arrange hotel contract for the season with a discount and/or perks for the visiting teams;
  10. Shall advise the Ice Allocator of specific dates for JDF tournaments coupled with specific JDF teams participating in those tournament(s);
  11. Shall report to the V.P. of Operations any outstanding issues or concerns.

Website Coordinator

  1. Shall enter and update all information required on the web site in a timely manner;
  2. Shall assist all team managers in familiarizing them with individual team authorization and use and ensure all content is appropriate;
  3. Shall identify any errors or omissions on the site and discuss with the executive any major changes;
  4. Shall enter or remove information as directed by the President;
  5. Shall report to the V.P. of Administration any outstanding issues or concerns.

Equipment Manager

  1. Shall be responsible for the maintenance, well keeping and storage or all JDF jerseys, socks, pinnies, pucks, goalie gear, safety supplies and other associated material goods.
  2. Shall maintain an inventory and control of all assets;
  3. Shall distribute, track and collect all equipment on an annual basis to team representatives;
  4. Shall report to the Treasurer any budgetary requirements (immediate or forthcoming);
  5. Shall order new stock items based on budget approval from Treasurer and Board approval.

Referee Allocator

  1. Shall assign referee opportunities to all officials in a fair and equitable manner;
  2. Shall assign referee opportunities relative to skill level and not to exceed those capabilities;
  3. Shall assist team managers with interactive web site characteristics to ensure proper referee game requests;
  4. Shall co-ordinate referee allocation with the Referee in Chief (RIC);
  5. Shall report to Vice President of Operations any outstanding issues or concerns.



All Executive Members shall be qualified prior to December 1 annually in these three (3) requirements in order to participate as a member on the JDF Executive Board.

  1. Respect in Sport (RIS)
  2. Criminal Record Check (CRC)
  3. Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT)



The President is a member of all committees, though may not be present at all. All committees must have 3 or more participants to be authorized as a representative body.

Discipline Committee

  • VP Operations (Chair)
  • VP Administration
  • Head Manager

Coach Selection Committee

  • VP Operations (Chair)
  • Coach Mentor(s)
  • Shall include a minimum of one other Executive Member as per President’s discretion.

Constitution Committee

  • VP Administration (Chair)
  • Treasurer
  • Directors at large as required

Sponsorship Committee

  • Gaming Director (Chair)
  • Tournament Coordinator
  • Directors at large as required

ICE Committee

  • VP Operations (Chair)
  • Ice Allocator
  • Head Manager
  • Directors at large as required

Bursary & Scholarship Fund Committee

  • Treasurer (Chair)
  • VP Administration
  • Directors at large as required

Social Committee

  • Directors at large as required



Chief Referee (RIC)

  • The Chief Referee shall arrange for all Referee training seminars, as required;
  • Shall recruit, train and evaluate all officials;
  • The Chief Referee shall participate in Discipline meetings pertaining to an official;
  • The Chief Referee shall oversee the referee allocator for assigning Referees for each League and Exhibition Game, as required;
  • Shall provide interpretations or guidance upon request;
  • The Chief Referee shall chair the Referee Committee;
  • Shall report to the V.P. of Operations any outstanding issues or concerns;

Coach Mentor(s)

  • Shall be appointed by the sitting President;
  • Shall participate in interviews and final selection of head coaches;
  • Shall provide ongoing assessment and evaluation of all coaches;
  • Shall assist head coaches in enriching their practice plans and bench management skills;
  • Shall be assigned a working schedule and mandate by the President or delegate(s);
  • Shall Perform evaluations on coaches and submit year end appraisals;
  • Should coordinate and or participate in seminars offered by the association;
  • Shall submit monthly invoices to the Treasurer for approval;
  • Shall be available for assistance with the Assessment process as required;
  • Shall report to the President any outstanding issues or concerns.

Power Skating and Dryland Instructors

  • Shall discharge duties as directed by the President;
  • Shall be provided a monthly schedule by the Ice Allocator;
  • Shall submit monthly invoices to the Treasurer for approval;
  • Shall report to the President any outstanding issues or concerns.

Office Administration

  • Shall key all AP and AR in the current maintained Simply Accounting Books;
  • Shall arrange all deposits in a timely manner;
  • Shall draft cheques for AP bi-weekly;
  • Shall reconcile banks and credit card transactions monthly;
  • Shall reconcile the master list, HCR and AR ensuring all match;
  • Shall complete and track gaming licenses under the Director of Gaming;
  • Must perform various administrative duties as required by the President or Treasurer;
  • Must possess a level of proficiency in Simply Accounting and Windows Office;
  • Must possess a level of proficiency in account reconciliation to adjusting entries and producing financial reports;
  • Previous experience working for a volunteer board on a participating or reporting basis;
  • Written and general communication skills;
  • Availability for position hours;
  • Shall report to the Treasurer any outstanding issues or concerns.

Ice Allocator

  • Shall be a member of the ice committee;
  • Shall be the main contact with the ice facilitator at WSPR, and will work with them to manage the day to day dynamics of the ice contracts to maximize required ice usage and minimize ice costs. This mechanism also applies to other facilities, though at a significantly reduced dynamic;
  • Shall provide copies of ice schedule to Website Administrator;
  • Each September, the Ice Coordinator shall work with the Tournament Coordinator to allocate ice necessary to host tournaments as approved by the JDFMHA Executive;
  • In February of each season, ice slots shall be reserved for each Rep team until such teams have been eliminated from playoff contention;
  • Shall distribute ice in a fair and equitable process to all teams, as directed by the Ice Committee. Shall redistribute vacant ice to teams in a fair and equitable manner;
  • Shall allocate and post ice a minimum of two weeks in advance scheduled slots;
  • Shall provide a monthly schedule for the Power Skating and Dryland Instructors;
  • Shall be compensated by way of an honorarium in the amount of $3200 per season for the work done under this profile;
  • Shall report to the Ice Committee any outstanding issues or concerns.

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